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Axxair-USA brings expertise in design, manufacturing, sales, servicing and training of the highest quality orbital cutting and beveling equipment in the pipe and tube industry.  With over 30 years of experience in the industrial pipe and tube fabrication industry, we understand your business.

AXXAIR-USA meets the demand for highly specialized orbital cutting and beveling equipment. AXXAIR-USA is positioning itself to be an essential player in the North American market for the manufacturing, sales and service of orbital cutting and beveling machine tools.

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AXXAIR-USA will be at FabTech
in Booth C-218

Product Showcase:
NEW GA15 Bevel Motor

The AXXAIR GA15 can bevel pipe up to 0.5" wall thickness.

This motor uses the proven Axxair carbide process and can bevel up to 0.5" wall thickness increasing the range and capability of our existing line. The GA15 bevel head produces ready to weld ends on wall thicknesses up to 0.5" in a matter of seconds.

FAST, Safe, Easy and Effective way to bevel pipe quickly and get clean repeatable edges.
The GA15 makes beveling faster and safer than grinding, machine beveling and other conventional methods.

Take a closer look at the
GA15 Beveling Motor.

AXXAIR-USA Equipment:
Orbital Cutting   |   Orbital Beveling   |   Orbital Squaring   |   Pipe/Tube Facing

Axxair-USA Distributors
Axxair-USA is expanding marketing efforts in North America. See our list of Official Distributors or to Become an Axxair Distributor.

Axxair-USA, Inc.
4380 Mustang Road
Alvin, TX. 77511


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