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AXXAIR has been designing, manufacturing and distributing its orbital tube working machines since 1997. Our business lies in the global tube working process: preparation, cutting, bevelling or squaring and orbital welding. With twenty years of experience under his belt, the group has become an international reference in this tube working market.

AXXAIR can support its customers in both the US and abroad with innovative solutions to improve tube working productivity and quality on materials as varied as stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, duplex and super duplex stainless steel, Hastelloy and even plastic. AXXAIR offers a standard range of products from its catalogue but also specific solutions from specifications for all its target markets: food-processing, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries, aeronautics, chemical and petrochemical industries, nuclear industry, etc.


Multi-skill Design Office

A multi-skill Design Office to create specific equipment (mechanical, software and communication, automated control systems) and expand the catalogue with new solutions

Maintenance services

A structured After-sales Service, with a technical helpline, training for your technicians, commissioning and maintenance of your equipment.

Continued Support

Support you can count on, even after the sale, in English, French, or Spanish.





the key to our success


Understanding our customers and their needs, anticipating and meeting their expectations – these are the AXXAIR goals. We can adapt to meet the evolutions of an ever-changing market thanks to our various departments, R&D and Design Office. AXXAIR offers unique and original tube working solutions. We believe that a lasting, quality relationship with our customers is essential and have therefore developed local customer advisory services through our subsidiaries and distribution network.
AXXAIR is by your side with a range of support services at every stage in your projects: creating samples, demonstrations, training, after-sales service, advice, etc.

Quality, Performance, & Innovation

Our Founding Values

The motivated men and women in our teams promote the AXXAIR founding values of Quality, Performance and Innovation.
Driven by these strong values, the company and its employees have established relationships of trust with their various customers.
This commitment has turned AXXAIR, a family business, into a high-performance group, with French and export sales constantly on the increase.

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Our Services

AXXAIR is the company to contact for all tube working problems, from preparation to welding. With a reactive, committed and experienced team, AXXAIR will always suggest the most suitable solution.
Join experience thus summarizes our philosophy focused on a community that takes the projects increasingly further.

Parts and Consumables

We have the parts and consumables you need to keep your project running efficiently.


We provide maintenance and support to keep you running on time and on budget.


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