Pipe + Tube Beveling

Axxair Beveling Machines

AXXAIR Machines provide the most innovative orbital bevel process on the market. The carbide process allows for a very quick, easy and repeatable bevel. You can purchase a complete bevel machine or adapt the bevel head to your existing saw.
  • AXXAIR’s Unique + Patented Concept
  • Tracking Device
  • The Axxair Carbide Process
AXXAIR’s Unique + Patented Concept

Operating speed 10 times higher than  HSS tools.

Tracking Device

Allows for out of round pipe or tube.

The Axxair Carbide Process

The AXXAIR carbide process eliminates vibration and allows for higher speed.  Bevel is completed in a single rotation of the motor around the tube or pipe. Operation and settings are simple and fast.


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