Pipe + Tube Welding

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Features a mechanical profile tracking device. Available in an air-cooled version (A) or a water-cooled version (E). Uses industry-standard parts with simple and easy-to-use mechanics: ideal for those taking their first steps in the world of orbital welding. The AXXAIR SASL power-sources allow a simplified use and handling. Requires only a few hours of training.

Quality and Consistency

Offers optimal welding quality passing the most stringent testing (x-ray inspection) weld after weld

Offers Various Options

Inclined torches – external gas protection – wire feed: allows welding of thicknesses between 3 and 8 mm

TIG Power Sources

Main Functions

Capitalise on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test. Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from DevOps. Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on focusing solely on the bottom line.

  • Color Touch screen interface
  • Secured access through access codes depending on the users authorizations
  • Auto programming mode for synergic creation of programs
  • Programs are created on a Compact Flash card allowing 200 programs with 20 levels each (per card)
  • Multi criteria search engine for loaded programs on the card
  • Integrated parameters acquisition mode on the Compact Flash card: 999 files for storage. Printing is done through a PC and the Flash card
  • Tracking of program values and real used values through the color screen during the welding
  • Step welding mode: synchronization of speed on the pulse of the current: allows thicker but welding (please contact us)
  • Tracking of all events occurred on the system with history storage for maintenance purposes
  • Modular: AVC, wire feeding and oscillation card available as options and easy to install
  • Remote control with extension cable to completely command the power source at a distance of up to 30m
  • High performance water cooling system: 750W, 20°C
  • Daily counter and also total weld counter
  • Calculation of the total cycle time for each weld
  • Gas security detection prevents destroying the electrode if gas is not open

Up to 300 A max. current, our range of generators designed specifically for our orbital welding machines all meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, food-processing, petrochemical and solar industries.

FIXED TUBE, Electrode rotates around the tube

This lets it easily manage larger lengths without geometric distortion. Wide diameter range for each machine


These welding units are built to last and will hold up to the kind of abuse expected in a welding shop or at an on-site project.


AXXAIR also develops and manufactures orbital line weld machines for tubes: orbital welding machines with open or closed heads.


The collets can be attached and removed very quickly without the use of any hardware. These units are built to accommodate thin wall applications.

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